Recovery Software for Free

It will be awful when loss of vital files happens due to unforeseen reasons. If you are going through such crisis then do not give up your hope because you are just few clicks away from your files. Free Recovery Software empowers you to rescue deleted or lost files at free of cost. This tool performs files rescue by implementing extreme recovery algorithms, which deeply scans computer hard drive in few minutes.

Free Data Recovery Tool

Among various tools available, Free Recovery Software has considered as best tool to restore files or folders from all types of storage drives, which can be accessed through computer or laptop. It is 100% virus free application, hence no fear of losing information by this tool rather you can bring back lost or deleted files without paying a single penny. Whatever the scenario may be, this remarkable software will work with utmost ease. Any computer user can handle this software with utmost ease because of its simple graphical interface.

Few common reasons for losing data from computer hard disk

Human mistakes: Human errors like deleting some vital files from hard drive accidentally, choosing a wrong partition while formatting, emptying Recycle Bin or Trash inadvertently etc.

Re-partitioning: Hard disk may get damaged or corrupt due to inappropriate re-partitioning or resizing of hard disk. The reason may be inappropriate installation OS, corruption of logical disk structure etc.

Formatting: Files can be lost due to inadvertent formatting. Any error caused when formatting hard drive corrupts it leading to severe data loss. The disruption may be due to sudden power fluctuation, improper system shutdown etc.

Hard disk Crash: Sometimes the hard disk get crashed due to OS malfunction, software crash, file system corruption, improper shutdown etc. In such situations even if OS runs correctly, the hard disk data remains inaccessible causing data loss.

In order to prevent loss if valuable information from computer hard disk or any other storage drive, it’s mandatory to store an appropriate backup of all your vital information. Use effective antivirus program to avoid infectivity of damaging virus on your laptop or computer.

Irrespective of the circumstance, whenever you come across loss of information from hard disk or any other storage drive, instead of doing stupid mistakes make use of good recovery tool. It will assist you to bring back lost or deleted information. This tool scans the entire storage media and rescues all types of files with the aid of unique file signatures.


Salient Features of Free Recovery Software

  • Simply supports deleted or lost folders/files rescue from all major versions of NTFS, FAT file systems of Windows computers.
  • Effectively provides an amazing file preview option to view digital media files before their restoration.
  • Well-known tool in the world when it comes to rescuing deleted files/folders from USB flash drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, external hard disks, iPods etc.
  • Developed with a powerful find option to seek out any file from revived files and folders list on the base of various file attributes.
  • Supports restoration of all types files including digital images, PSD files, ZIP archives, music files, videos, spreadsheets, RAW picture files etc with free of cost.
  • Efficiently facilitates an option to create disc images of revived information to prevent bad sectors on hard disk.

Simple steps to restore data from computer at free of cost

Step 1: Install this tool on your computer and launch it. Now, open its welcome wizard as displayed in figure I.

Free Recovery Utility - Welcome Wizard

Figure I: Welcome Wizard


Step 2: Select hard drive partition from the listed logical drives as illustrated in figure II.

Download Free Recovery Tool - Select Hard Drive Partition

Figure II: Select Hard Drive Partition

Step 3: The list of rescued files will be displayed as shown in figure III.

Data Recovery Tool Free - Rescued Files

Figure III: Rescued Files