Simplest Way to Retrieve data on Windows 8

Accidental deletion of files or folders is the most common happening occurs in Windows 8 based computers. You might have encountered with the circumstances like your vital files or folders are deleted from system without any prior notice and they are not even present in Windows Recycle Bin folder. In certain instances, accidental deletion leads to severe crisis especially when files are important to you. If you are going through such kind of impasse and worried about how to rescue files from Windows 8 at free of cost, then here is a most promising solution for you. Even though ample of applications are freely available in the market, but when it comes to rescue data on Windows 8 without any change, Free Recovery Software is the best tool in the world.

Most of us would take great care of files and folders saved on hard drive. However, do you think storing them on advanced OS like Windows 8 can protect them everlastingly? Since hard disk of Windows 8 is susceptible to logical errors. If anyone unintentionally presses incorrect option, then all files and folders will get lost within a fraction of time. Free Recovery Software is a perfect solution to restore data from any types of computer hard disks. This utility has strong inbuilt algorithm that scans an entire hard disk and restore files from Windows 8 computer in few clicks.

Few common reasons for losing data from Windows 8 computers

  • Sometimes while deleting unused files or folders, if you delete any vital file or folder, then severe loss will be definite.
  • Whenever you access files from computer, make sure that your system will not turn off abruptly. However, if it happens then in some worst situations, you may lose files stored on it.
  • Virus infection, formatting/reformatting of Windows 8 HDD partition, software conflicts, file system corruption may also results in loss of valuable data from Windows 8 computer.

To avoid the loss of precious files and folders, you need to have a regular backup of all files which are important to you. Moreover, you should use robust antivirus software to circumvent infection of harmful virus or spyware on Windows 8 computer.

Irrespective of the cause, this advanced software can restore all types of files from Windows 8 computers at free of cost. Besides Windows 8, it also supports data recovery from all major versions of Windows Os including Windows XP and Windows 7. It is most sought rescue tool when it comes to rescue data from storage drives like hard disks, flash drives, iPods, FireWire drives, USB drives, memory sticks etc. Moreover, this tool comes up with free edition which you can use to restore data up to 1GB and thereafter you can update the software through online. On the whole, Free drive recovery software has a capability to restore any kind of file from any storage drive at free of cost.


Simple steps to restore data from Windows 8 computers

Step 1: Install this tool on your Windows 8 computer and launch it. Now, open its home wizard as illustrated in figure A.

Free Windows 8 Recovery Software- Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select hard drive partition from the listed logical drives as illustrated in figure B.

Free Windows 8 Data Rescue Tool - Select Hard Drive Partition

Figure B: Select Hard Drive Partition

Step 3: The list of rescued files will be displayed as shown in figure C.

Free Tool to Rescue Data from Windows 8 - Rescued Files

Figure C: Rescued Files